Slicer - Flyweel B2 Red Color Red gold decors by Berkel + Red Apron

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The manual flywheel meat slicer for those who want to bring a touch of class to their homes and tables.
Its elegance brightens up the room, its perfect cut is a celebration of flavours.
All this in a compact little jewel.
Berkel B2, the compact manual flywheel slicer faithful to tradition.
The vintage meat slicer, manufactured the traditional way, remains a jewel of the past.
A precious and elegant furnish.
The pride of gourmet connoisseurs.
Its structure is not too heavy, making it ideal for a professional but not intensive use.
Cutting capacity (round) 160 mm
Maximum slice thickness 2 mm
Weight 33 Kg
Cutting capacity (rectangular) 190 x 150 h mm
B2 has a blade with a 265 mm diameter
Width 530 mm
Height 530 mm
Lenght 680 mm
Expected delay: 4 weeks