Spaghetti tong - tagliatelle Piazza's

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PIAZZA's tongs have always been the collection used as reference point for the market, both for design and for the effective superiority of a product that is a must for every professional's collection.
Lastly, the details highlight the uniqueness of each individual pair: thecurvature of certain applications, such as the spaghetti tons, which is like an invitation to gather up the food in the best way; or the spring which always gives the same manoeuvrability even after an infinite number of pressing, this thanks to an exclusive production device which is still secret today, as are the formulas which for years have resisted all attempts of imitation.
Precisely this certainty permits Piazza alone to guarantee the inalterability of its tongs.
This spaghetti tong with a total length cm. 23.5 and socket length 7.5 cm. width of cm. 4