Star Case with series Zen knives, ceramics knife and accessories

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In order to meet the user's requirements, both chefs or pastry-chefs, we have studied and developed this case fit for the professional who needs a case to work in or out of his laboratory or kitchen, for example during a show cooking or for a catering and who wants to carry out his cutting instruments and accessories essential to prepare dishes, from hors-d'oeuvre to dessert.
This case Grande Pochette of Fischer Bargoin with dimensions of 48 x 28 cm closed contains the following items :
n. 1 Vegetable knife Series Zen blade cm. 10
n. 1 Boning knife Series Zen blade cm. 15
n. 1 Filleting knife Series Zen blade cm. 19
n. 1 Santoku knife with alveoli Series Zen blade cm. 17
n. 1 Cook knife Series Zen blade cm. 20
n. 1 Slicing knife in ceramics Kyocera blade cm. 13 white handle
n. 1 paring knife curved Sanelli Ambrogio blade cm. 7 white handle
n. 1 Paring knife straight Sanelli Ambrogio blade cm. 11 white handle
n. 1 straight spatula Sanelli Ambrogio blade cm. 27 white handle
n. 1 Toothed-edge knife Sanelli Ambrogio blade cm. 28 white handle
n. 1 Straight spatula Triangle length cm. 9
n. 1 Step spatula Triangle length cm. 12
n. 1 Grater Microplane for citrus fruit thin cut with step
n. 1 small stainless steel plier curved point cm. 16
n. 2 stainless steel spoons for dish decoration
n. 1 Thermometer TFA probe length cm. 7,5 Temperature survey range -40 degrees C. up to + 200 degrees C. Battery included
n. 1 Kitchen pliers in stainless steel curved point total length cm. 30
n. 1 Straight kitchen pliers total length cm. 25

The Series Zen blade are made in high quality steel and have an exceptional hardness ; made in stainless steel.
The handle in blue navy colour is in Micarta and provides a perfect stability. .
Perfect balancing between handle and knife, guaranteeing a perfect balance during all cuts in kitchen.
The design and ergonomy are optimal.
The blade is made with high quality steel range Sandvik 14C28 type Chrome, Magnesium X62CRMn14. Hardness of steel 61 HRC.
Cutting tight 50% higher than classic knives.
The Micarta handle is made in a natural material (linen cloth) laminated e impregnated with resin.
Therefore the handle has an excellent resistance to heat, water, it does not absorb humidity and is a very stable material that does not get damaged by time or use.

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