Wasabi Bag : Kai Shun Case containing 9 Kai Wasabi Knives and 2 Shun Accessories

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This Kai Shun case is the ideal storage solution for Kai Wasabi Black knives, particularly for professional chefs who travel.
It contains9 Kai Series Wasabi knives and 2 Kai Shun accessories fixed to the case by a new fixture system hook-and-loop, they travel safely during transport and blades do not touch one another.
Knives Series Wasabi Black have a polished blade, a black handle, are manufactured in Japan, with a blade in stainless steel polished as a mirror with hardness 58±1 HRC, they give to every kitchen an exclusive atmosphere of Far East.
The black handle, differently from the Japanese wood handle, encloses the blade completely, avoiding any residue between the blade and the handle.
The case contains:
n. 1 Yanagiba knife 6724Y, Blade 24 cm, Handle 12,6 cm fit to cut raw fish
n. 1 Bread knife 6723B, Blade 23 cm, Handle 12,6 cm. ideal to cut oven products
n. 1 Cook knife 6720C, Blade 20 cm, Handle 12,6 cm. fit for all types of cuts in kitchen
n. 1 Nakiri knife 6716N, Blade 16,5 cm, Handle 12,6 cm. perfect to cut vegetables
n. 1 Santoku knife 6716S, Blade 16,5 cm, Handle 12,6 cm. to chop and mince
n. 1 Kitchen knife 6715C, Blade 15 cm, Handle 12,6 cm for small size vegetables and for slicing raw meat
n. 1 Universal knife 6715U, Blade 15 cm, Handle 12,6 cm,fit to cut into scallops or in fillets (not flexible)
n. 1 Paring knife 6710P, Blade 10 cm, Handle 12,6 cm to clean vegetables and to bone
n. 1 Deba knife 6710D, Blade 10,5 cm, Handle 12,6 cm excellent for important cuts such as fish heads.
n. 1 Professional Pliers to remove fish-bones Kai Total length cm. 13 Length of pliers grip cm. 1,5
n. 1 Vegetable-peeler Kai Blade length cm. 5 Dimensions of handle 9,2 x 4 cm.

The case is easy to clean thanks to the counter-leather surface and has a shoulder belt for transport.
Dimensions closed 52x21,5x7cm Dimensions open 90x52


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