Wok 100 Italian cuisine recipes

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Oyster sauté with sparkling wine, Anchovy and cauliflower snacks, Piquant provolone with curry, Onion and boletus velouté, Pennette with rustic herbs, Tagliatelle with mushrooms and aubergines, Narrow tagliatelle with crab pulp, Thyme flavoured veal and carrots, Lamb cutlets with green pepper, Peppered mussels with saffron, Lemon flavoured dogfish, Fast ratatouille, Batter fried vegetable marrows, Ginger flavoured Potato croquettes .... and also Apples with iced caramel, Chestnut croquettes, Thin pancakes with cherry cream, Chocolate filled pears.... It may seem strange to suggest to use a wok for typically occidental food recipes; and yet Italian cuisine dishes are fit to be prepared with this marvellous oriental "pan" .
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