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Wüsthof Classic Chef's Attache case 25-piece

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Excellency in a case!
Excellent Wusthof cook case in aluminium designed for a travelling chef, who wants to transport all the kitchen accessories from the paring knife, to the cleaver, to scissors, in a perfect alternative solution to store safely his own knives.
This setting-up is a convincing TOP equipment with forged knives series CLASSIC, as well as small accessories essential in kitchen
These forged knives have ergonomical handles.
Set of 25 items.
The case includes :
Paring knife curved blade 7 cm. (cod. 4062)
Paring knife narrow even blade cm. 7 (cod. 4002)
Paring knife even blade cm. 10 (cod. 4066)
Bread knife toothed-edge blade cm. 23 (cod. 4150)
Slicing-ham knife blade cm. 23 (cod. 4522)
Cook knife blade cm. 20 (cod. 4582)
Cook knife blade cm. 26 (cod. 4584)
Filleting knife blade cm. 18 (cod. 4550)
Boning knife blade cm. 14 (cod. 4602)
Toothed-edge knife Super Slicer blade 26 cm. (cod. 4532)
Salmon knife blade 32 cm. (cod. 4543)
Large Fork 18 cm. (cod. 4410)
Knife for decorating blade 11 cm. (cod. 4200)
Cleaver 18 cm (cod. 4680)
Orange-peeling instrument (cod. 3066)
Lemon rasp (cod. 3086)
Apple-core remover (cod. 4246)
Potato-scoop (cod. 4241)
Cook spatula straight lunghezza cm. 26 (cod. 4440)
Kitchen scissors stainless steel (cod. 5550)
Sharpener cm. 26 (cod. 4474)
Needle for larding (cod. 4382)
Pliers to remove fish-bones (cod. 4382)
Needle for larding (cod. 4380)
Case closed : Length 52 cm, width 39 cm, height 12 cm.

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