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F.Dick Knives

In 1778 the Friedr. Dick company was founded in Esslingen and is still family owned after more than 230 years.
Friedr. Dick is the world's only manufacturer to offer a complete range of knives, sharpening steels and ancillary items for chefs and butchers, as well as butcher's machines, grinding machines and knife-cleaning equipment.
The extensive line of products makes us a perfect system provider for Food Service and Food Industry.
To enhance our customer's sales there are sophisticated product presentations available.
The longstanding tradition and experiences made manufacturing products for chefs and butchers allow the Friedr. Dick company the continuous development of innovative products.
Input from customers, endusers and our own ideas are converted into high quality products.
The quality management and the process documentation conform to the DIN EN ISO 9001 requirements.
The Eco-Audit-Certificate documents that Friedr. Dick imposes ecological instruction on itself and also conforms to them.
Therefore, Friedr. Dick even falls below the legal compulsory minimum value for environmental compatibility.

DICK Damascus Series 1893

The aesthetic Damascus series. Manufactured from 33 layers of rustfree steel (FD VG 10-33). As well as the blade, the bolster and heal are also ade of high-quality Damascus steel, which is reminiscent of the sheen on a towel made of precious Damask silk. Due to the different metal characteristics of the steel layers, each piece is unique. The special material and unique method used in manufacturing the handle gives the knife a particularly haptic feel.
This series combines aesthetic, strength and functionality to achieve perfection.
Delivery time: 7 days

DICK 1905 knives

A linking of tradition and modernism, with the new edition of a historic design: In the year 1905 Friedr. Dick developed a series of Chef's knives with massive collars, which replaced the rivets that had been standard so far. Then as now, the unusual optical appearance of the series makes an impression. The blade consists of best approved German stainless steel XCrMoVMn.

F.Dick Knives Asiacut


Uncompromisingly committed to creative cooking: carefully forged and balanced, with the ideal volume and shape of handle. Outstanding handle design: handle and blade dovetail seamlessly, offering ideal hygiene and ease of maintenance. The blade is made of the high-quality alloy X50CrMoV15.
This stands for prolonged edge retention, resistance to wear and tear and maximum sharpness. Each knife is sharpened, whetted honed and polished by hand.
A forged Dick knife offers cutting pleasure for hightest demands

Pro-Dynamic Knives DICK

Pro-Dynamic knives are designed for the use in all cooking areas.
Their hygienically impeccable handle made of solid plastic and their quality blade make them high-class knives with modern design.
This ensures compliance with HACCP regulations.

Eurocut Knives DICK

New series Eurocut was designed for professional users in all cooking areas.
The ergonomically voluminous design of the handle allows a secure grip as well as comfort and ease in any type of work-place.
Thanks to its economic pricing the Eurocut series is a reasonable alternative

Ergogrip Knives DICK

Ergogrip knives are entirely hygienic cutting tools for professional work environments.
Top quality for fatigue-free working - no compromises in ergonomique design and sharpness.
Ergogrip knives' features:

Sharpening steels DICK

DICK steels offer a unique variety of cuts, blade lengths, and forms - the right steel for every user.

DICK Grinding Machines

Results of resharpening hand knives on DICK grinding machines:

1. Before   2. After 3. Reground 4. Honed 5. Polished

DICK kitchen tools and utensils

DICK kitchen utensils are the perfect complement for every kitchen. All kinds of tasks can be managed easily and safe with these utensils.

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