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Fiskars Fuzion knives combine Fiskars quality with Japanese tradition. The inspiration behind the knives draws on the unique, pared down style of Japanese design. Non-slip handles ensure a good grip and the range includes a perfectly shaped and balanced knife for every type of ingredient.

Knives in the Solid range are for the selective, quality-conscious user who not only demands good ergonomics and the best cutting edge, but who also wants knives that feature an attractive, modern design. Non-slip handles make these knives exceptionally comfortable to work with, and the hand-forged knife breast guarantees perfect balance. The special finger stop makes sure fingers do not come into unintended contact with the blade. The blades' specially hardened surface ensures that these knives remain sharp for a very long time.

Functional Form knives are among the most popular of Fiskars products. They have been developed for everyday use in the kitchen, with special emphasis on ergonomics, functionality and safety, including features such as the Softouch®-handle with a finger stop to ensure a secure, comfortable grip. The ergonomic shape of Functional Form knife handles is designed to give you the best possible working position, and a contemporary appearance. The blade has an excellent cutting edge, and is easy to keep sharp using either a Fiskars Roll-Sharp sharpener or a sharpening steel.

This range consists of small kitchen knives that are ideal for everyday food preparation. Due to especially hard stainless steel blades these effective knives maintain sharpness, making them ideal for any busy, modern kitchen.

Functional Form kitchen utensils include many innovative items with uniquely functional features designed to meet a wide range of needs in the modern day kitchen. Items are made of materials such as extra strong plastics, Softouch®-surface, stainless steel, heat resistant silicone and glass-reinforced nylon. Functional design and the right materials ensure the usability and durability of these products.
Orange Fiskars scissors are design classics that have been popular for more than four decades. The range consists of a wideselection of scissors featuring blades made of high-quality nickel-free steel and ergonomically shaped handles. The handles provide a large surface area for the fingers to press on, resulting in the force you exert being applied evenly, ensuring good comfort and helping prevent fatigue. To make sure the joints are both durable and hygienic, the handles are injection-moulded directly into the blades.