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Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Ishi BA is unique material:
It does not trasmit tastes and odours
Being an inert material, it does not cause chemical reactions with the food, avoinding that unpleasant metal taste
It does not rust or deteriorate as it has no oxidable parts
It is easy to wash, it simply needs rinsing under water, it is very light to handle
It is always ready for use, as it maintains its perfect cut over many years.

Laboratory tests have shown that, applying a constant pressure of 2,2 kg. the Ishi BA ceramic blade can cut twenty sheets of paper at a time for more that one thousand times, without losing its sharpness. Steel blades, applying the same weight, lose their sharpness after having cut a decreasing number of sheets only six hundred times.

The many advantages of ISHI BA ceramics have allowed Kyocera to significantly expand its range of kitchenware.
A line of interesting, attractive and especially practical tools have been designed for aficionados.