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Diamond model 2100 Chef's Choice Professional knife sharpener

2100 Model of Chef's Choice combines thoroughly the EdgeCraft advanced technology in diamond tip sharpening and moulding and strop sharpening, to produce the most sharp and long lasting blades available on the market.
With this equipment you will be able to sharpen all your knives perfectly.
Once you have sharpened your knives with Model 2100, the following sharpenings will require less than one minute.
In the first stage knife is sharpened with abrasives lined with diamond at 100 , then in the second stage it is moulded with thinner diamond particles. In the third stage the blade undergoes a strap sharpening and is polished up to reaching an exceptional sharpening.
In the three stages the blade is sharpened in the right and in the left slits alternatively.
It is possible to sharpen also serrated blades in stage three.
Motor body with metal covering.
Detachable sharpening unit, also replacable and washable in dish washing machine
NSF Certificate
Long duration of disks, more than 3000 sharpening operations.

Price: € 570,00 GBP = 507,10  USD = 698,88  CNY = 4.498,10  JPY = 77.320,50

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