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Porcelain 3 in 1 mortar

Elegant porcelain mortar with bamboo base. You cannot cut everything with a knife in the kitchen. Some foodstuffs must be pestled to obtain a finest consistency and a perfect flavour.
This mortar made of two elements and the pestle with holed handle to clean spices, is a practical instrument and its beautiful design makes it become an ornament for your kitchen.
Mortar with rough inner part and a nib for pouring.
The bamboo base will allow you to grind walnuts and other dry spices.
Dimensions: Bamboo base 15,5 cm x 15,5 cm
Inner Bamboo Diameter 11 cm.Height 7 cm
Porcelain Mortar Diameter 10 cm Height 6 cm

Price: € 62,50 € 50,00 GBP = 41,86  USD = 65,80  CNY = 415,97  JPY = 5.023,65

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