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Eva Solo Design Stock for knives aluminium colour

Block/stock knives-holder not only for knives. A strong support in rigid plastic,accordion shaped, easy to remove and to clean, is inserted in an aluminium block.
Kitchen accessories, knives, spatula, forks, various utensils can be placed in this functional and design knives-holder block. Provided without knives. Dimensions 27x19x7 cm
Design of Claus Jensen/Henrik Holbaek
The International Design Yearbook 2001
IF Design Award 2000
Red Dot 2000
Form 2000
Practicality, elegance and efficiency come in your kitchen.

Price: € 96,00 € 81,60 GBP = 68,32  USD = 107,39  CNY = 678,85  JPY = 8.198,60

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