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Kai Duo Stones - Sharpening stones 3 grains

Couple of Kai stones with three different grains for an optimum sharpening of knives.
The DM800 stone allows to refine with the 800 grain
The DM600 stone with 1000 and 6000 grains guarantees a perfectly polished sharpening of knife edge.
The 1000 grain must be moved on the edge of the knife when you only want to polish it after use.
The 6000 grain guarantees a refining of the edge of your knife for a perfect cut slipping.
A couple of guides, one small and one large, guarantees a good grip of the knife during sharpening and a correct inclination of the knife on the stone, in order to have a right sharpening angle.
Stone dimensions 18,3 x 6,2 x 3 cm. Non-slip rubber base.

Price: € 165,00 GBP = 138,14  USD = 217,14  CNY = 1.372,68  JPY = 16.578,05

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