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Microplane spice grater with receptacle

You can grate fresh nutmeg for a few seconds then simply turn the receptacle and spread the nutmeg on a dish or drink. The Microplane® spice grater with its small receptacle makes easy and amusing to add fresh spices to drinks and dishes.
The most diffused spices offer more than a pleasant flavour: all of them have unique health advantages that can give your dishes not only a special taste but also a healthy touch. It is demonstrated that half a tea-spoon of cinnamon reduces glycaemia. Nutmeg is famous for its calming down properties.
Materials: blades made in chirurgical stainless steel. Plastic body.
Grates, spreads and preserves spices quickly and simply.
The upper part is ideal to keep the entire nutmeg
The lower receptacle contains the grated food that can be directly spread on drinks or desserts.
Grater surface: 5,1 cm. x 3,2 cm.

Price: € 14,95 GBP = 12,52  USD = 19,67  CNY = 124,37  JPY = 1.502,07

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