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CREATIVE set for engraving and decorating

Set composed of 7 decoration instruments, perfect to adorn dishes or to create new ideas for hors-d'oeuvre, side dishes or desserts.
The instruments composing this practical bag allow to scoop, engrave and decorate quickly fruit, vegetables, cheese.
The set is made up of:
- scoop diameter cm. 2,2
- flexible stiletto for engraving
- scoop for V cut
- peeling knife micro-serrated blade for peeling also pumpkins, mango, carrots, potatoes..
- knife with micro-serrated zigzag cut
- penknife to make flowers with vegetables or fruit
- peeling knife rigid blade cm. 5

Price: € 79,00 GBP = 66,14  USD = 103,96  CNY = 657,22  JPY = 7.937,37

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