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Shrimp-peeler Premax

A new and exclusive instrument specifically studied to peel shrimps.
This invention was made to make the operation of peeling quicker and without dirtying one's hands. It is an utensil with characteristics and fonctioning like scissors, with two substantial differences :
- blades have a curved shape to make easier their introduction into the shrimp
-the harpoon, situated in parallel under the lower blade sticks into the pulp of the crustacea after the cutting operation
Designed to be employed both in a professional and domestic use, it is ideal for use in kitchen and table.
Produced in food approved steel, it can be washed in dish-washer.
Total length cm. 18
Made in Italy

Price: € 54,00 GBP = 45,21  USD = 71,06  CNY = 449,24  JPY = 5.425,54

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