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The Great Kitchen book of Alain Ducasse : Meat

A like Agnello , B like Beccaccia, C like Coniglio...our favourite food alphabet... Like the inventory of Jacques Prévert, it constitutes the real poetry of our cuisine, the ingredients composing it. In this way Alain Ducasse, the most known chef on the planet, explains his choice or organizing around this alphabet of ingredients an exceptional book : The Great Cooking Book of Alain Ducasse. The unexcelled savoir faire of the Master becomes, also with the contribution of his next of kin operators, a common patrimony of the followers of the grande cuisine, taste amateurs, field professionals. This second volume of the Italian edition is dedicated to Meats : more than 190 recipes in which the exclusive creativity of Ducasse is expressed in absolutely original dishes, but also in the revision of the great classics of the French culinary tradition.
Pages : 384
Size 23x29 cm.

Price: € 48,00 GBP = 40,19  USD = 63,17  CNY = 399,33  JPY = 4.822,70

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