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Santoku knife cm. 17 Fiskars Functional Form

Functional Form knives are Fiskars' most known and appreciated. They were designed for an everyday use in kitchen, with a particular attention to ergonomics, fonctionality and safety ; for this reason they have unique characteristics such as handles with protection cavity for fingers and Softouch® nonslip surface to guarantee a safe and comfortable grip. The design of the handle of Functional Form knives allows to maintain a correct position during cutting and in the same time it has a smart and modern look.
The blade has a long lasting sharpening and can be sharpened easily with a whetting instrument.
Santoku knife to chop, mince vegetables, fish and meat.

Price: € 18,00 GBP = 15,07  USD = 23,69  CNY = 149,75  JPY = 1.808,51

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