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Victorinox Complete Set 'FISH' knives for fish preparation and accessories

For professionals or cooks who mainly prepare fish and who need a suitable set of instruments to speed-up preparation times.
All Victorinox blades are well sharpened, have some alveoli to allow the foodstuffs to detach quickly ; three blades are flexible for filleting or slicing.
This tool-roll has perfect knives and accessories to prepare dishes with a fish base.
The following items are included :
Paring knife blade cm. 8
Paring knife curved blade cm. 5
Filleting knife blade cm. 15
Filleting and scalloping knife blade cm. 20
Santoku knife with alveoli blade cm. 18
Carving knife with alveoli cm. 25
Slicing knife with alveoli cm. 25
Sharpener cm. 20
Flexible spatula with holes dim. 5x15,6 cm.
Potato-peeler micro-toothed edge
Pliers cm. 30 stainless steel curved point
Tweezers in stainless steel to bone fish

This item is not for sale to people under 18.
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The article is offered for sale for domestic use.

Price: € 369,00 GBP = 308,93  USD = 485,60  CNY = 3.069,82  JPY = 37.074,54

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