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Transparent Cocktail Master : special cocktail

CocktailMaster designed to realize cocktails arranged in layers is based on the principle of difference of density of liquids.
Major is the sugar contents, major is the weight of the liquid.
Major is the alcohol contents, minor is the weight of the liquid.
Mainly for non-alcoholic coktails, the sugar contents of the various liquids will determine the difference of density.
It is sufficient to wet the CocktailMaster float before using it and pour one by one the liquids in cocktail master, from the sweetest to the least dense, to obtain a wonderful multicolored cocktail.
Instructions for use are included, as well as 4 original recipes for Irish Coffee.

Price: € 60,35 GBP = 50,53  USD = 79,42  CNY = 502,07  JPY = 6.063,55

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