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THE JAPANESE Case : Global – Kai – Kyocera and accessories

Together is better. All the technology, the quality of materials, the experience in manufacturing knives of the three Japanese most important companies in world market, are grouped together in this Global bag containing the cutlery absolutely necessary for kitchen work and food preparation.
Not all cases must have knives of only one producer.
We have chosen to put together the best of Japanese productions, including the perfect items for many cuttings, with the maximum efficiency of every instrument, thanks to the technology adopted by the manufacturing company.
The bag contains :
n.1 Global tweezers to bone fish
n.1 Global carving and utility knife with blade cm. 11
n.1 Global flexible boning filleting knife blade cm. 16
n.1 Kyocera black ceramic knife with blade cm. 13
n.1 Global cook knife cm. 20
n.1 Kai Wasabi Black toothed edge knife 23 cm with a particular toothed edge that cuts moving forward and back
n.1 Zwilling multiuse stainless steel scissors
n.1 stainless steel pliers cm. 30
n.1 professional pocket thermometer Thermo Manager - range temperatures from -50°C to + 300°C. Resolution 0.1°C – Sensor probe length cm. 12

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Price: € 563,90 € 524,43 GBP = 439,05  USD = 690,15  CNY = 4.362,87  JPY = 52.690,75

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