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MIX : Case with Wusthof, Dick, Victorinox, Microplane knives and accessories

A Wusthof case in practical washable fabric, provided with all the necessary implements for a professional cook, especially oriented to Japanese cuisine.
You will find inside n. 3 Wusthof knives of Gran Prix II range, knives having modern shapes and excellent performances.
Forged from a sole piece of carbonium steel with a special tempering to guarantee an optimum strength.
Excellent ergonomy.
Perfect balance to cut without effort.
No fissures between handle and blade for a perfect hygiene.
Synthetical handle, blade and inner made of a sole piece.
The three knives have the following shapes :
- Cook cm. 23
- Santoku cm. 18
- Filleting cm. 18
In the same case you will find two knives of Japanese shape :
- Sashimi knife cm. 24 Line Asiacut of Dick
- Utility knife cm. 10 line Classic with wood sheath
Moreover it contains Victorinox paring knives :
- Curved blade cm. 5
-Straight blade cm. 8
Many different accessories are included:
- Microplane grater thin cut
- Potato-peeler with micro-toothed blade Victorinox
- Semi-flexible spatula Dick cm. 10
- Serving pliers Westmark cm. 22 in polyamide for casseroles and pans with layer
- Stainless steel pliers cm. 30
- Stainless steel pliers curved point cm. 20

This item is not for sale to people under 18.
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The article is offered for sale for domestic use.

Price: € 449,00 GBP = 375,90  USD = 590,88  CNY = 3.735,37  JPY = 45.112,38

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