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Victorinox Classic MultiColors Bread Knife Orange

Victorinox has been for generations the most reliable brand for professional cooks.
With the Classic MultiColors line, the company wants to meet the requirements of professional cookery, that very often looks for design and color, and of home cooking.
The new Swiss Classic MultiColors collection has a modern anti-slip handle and a well sharpened blade.
The blade has a mirror polished finishing made in stainless steel with a high contents of carbonium and a knife manufacture that guarantees the duration of the edge.
The whole collection is produced with the highest sanitary standards and obtained the NSF (National Science Foundation) certification mark.
The anti-slip handle is safe and hygienic and the knife can be washed in dishwasher.
Made in Switzerland.
Kitchen blade to slice bread, pizza, focaccia, with length 21 cm.
Handle color Orange

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The article is offered for sale for domestic use.

Price: € 33,00 € 31,35 GBP = 26,25  USD = 41,26  CNY = 260,81  JPY = 3.149,83

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