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Duo Fish : Set of tweezers to remove fish-bones and fish-scales

Couple of accessories for the preparation of fish, for professionals.
A professional and high quality plier to remove fish-bones.
An harmonic spring allowing an easy handling and grip of fish-bones.
Perfect shagreened grip with length 2,5 cm.
Length 17 cm.
A professional fish-scaling implement is provided with an interchangeable blade with four different models of teeth.
Scales of different sizes can be removed easily.
It is sufficient to remove blade with an easy movement and replace with the blade most fit for the fish to be scaled. Scales are collected, after removal, in a protection unit.
You can keep your worktable clean.
The structure is in stainless steel and the handle is in plastic.
Total length 23 cm.

Price: € 58,00 € 55,10 GBP = 46,13  USD = 72,51  CNY = 458,39  JPY = 5.536,06

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