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Valira lunch-holder bag : NOMAD SATIN BROWN

Prepare your lunch at home.
- Take it out in a practical, discreet and elegant manner.
- You can also heat the receptacles directly in a microwave oven.
With Nomad Satin you will be able to eat healthily and naturally, anywhere you want.
This thermic lunch-holder bag Nomad Satin is an important element of your working and everyday life.
The elegant rigid bag, finished with a satin plasticized fabric, contains food-holder receptacles and will allow you to transport your lunch or dinner to organize your everyday life with the guarantee of a healthy and natural meal prepared by you.
This thermic bag includes :
- thermic receptacles of 0,75 and 0,50 ml. in polycarbonate with hermetic closure, dishwashing machine and microwave oven compatible
- Receptacle for bread or fruit
- Small red table-cloth
Washable outer material color BROWN

Price: € 58,90 GBP = 49,31  USD = 77,51  CNY = 490,01  JPY = 5.917,86

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