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Doughnut Set : Paste-cutter, filling spouts

Called ''Bomboloni'' in the Center-Northern Italy regions, ''Krapfen'' in Austria, ''Berliner Pfannkuchen'' in Germany and Faschingskrapfen i.e. Carnival doughnut in the Bolzano province, this pastry having an Austro-German origin is very much appreciated in the whole world.
To prepare perfect doughnuts filled with cream, chocolate or jam, a correct recipe and right instruments are needed.
With this set you can have the appropriate instruments :
- Ring shaped even paste-cutter with handle with three different diameters cm. 6-7-8
-Decoration set with 6 spouts to decorate, adaptor and bag of cm. 30 height washable and reusable.
- Stainless steel funnel with D. 8 and length 90 mm fit for doughnut filling

Price: € 19,90 GBP = 16,66  USD = 26,19  CNY = 165,55  JPY = 1.999,41

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