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Mixer with accessories : the chef and pastry-chef implement

Luxury mixer, that combines power and functionality with the most recent motor innovations.
Its ergonomic design guaranties a free from weariness operation.
Ideal to prepare emulsions, milk shakes, whipped cream, sauces, soups, etc.
- Power 200 W
- 0-13000 rpm with inverter charge control
- Low consumption motor
- Free from over-heating thanks to an optimal ventilation
It is provided with the following accessories :
1 knife with four blades
1 helix blade
1 emulsifying disk
1 whipping disk
1 stainless steel doser 75 cl
Double insulation
Noise level: 60 dB
The stainless steel part is removable, length: 160 mm
Total length: 395 mm
Diameter: 70 mm
Net weight: 1 kg

Price: € 277,00 GBP = 246,43  USD = 339,63  CNY = 2.185,92  JPY = 37.575,05

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