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Siphon iSi Thermo Xpress Whip with set of 10 cartridges

High quality iSi professional siphon to prepare whipped cream, mousse, finger-food, hot and cold sauces as well as soups and veloutés. Siphon body in strong stainless steel 18/10 with double wall with vaccum, made for professional use. Maximum thermic capacity : cold up to 8 hours and hot up to 3 hours.
Rapid and hygienic dosing. Provided with pipe-cleaner for cleaning, two different spouts to decorate, stainless steel filet and ergonomic cartridge-holder with antislip handle in silicone. Washable in dishwasher.
Provided with instruction manual
Recipe leaflet.
Can be disassembled and washed in dishwasher.
GUARANTEE 5 YEARS for insulation of bottle body. GUARANTEE 2 YEARS for working material.
The siphon makes a larger volume than a mixer or a cream whipper, giving softer and lighter creams.
Capacity 1 litre
Height 37,5 cm.
Base dimensions 20x9 cm.
Provided with 1 set of cartridges for iSi siphon

Price: € 299,00 GBP = 250,32  USD = 393,48  CNY = 2.487,47  JPY = 30.041,43

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