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Kai Japan set of 2 utensils for sushi bentos

Bento is a take-away lunch, usually eaten at midday.
In Japan it is a real mania and bentos have become real artistic creations.
The Japanese precision and attention transformed a mere take-away meal in a creative composition.
The take-away sushis developed in shapes of animals, dolls, colored creations.
This set composed of precision scissors made in a high carbon contents stainless steel and tweezers in stainless steel, allows to cut and prepare these artistic meals.
Scissors with safety plastic cover for the point total length 10 cm.
Stainless steel tweezers curved point length 12 cm.

Price: € 17,90 € 16,11 GBP = 13,49  USD = 21,20  CNY = 134,02  JPY = 1.618,62

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