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TEMPICO : Egg perforator with Timer

A practical mix of instruments : egg perforator with a timer.
A retractile needle perforates the shell of eggs and thanks to the timer eggs will boil at the right point.
To prepare boiled or hard-boiled eggs, it is necessary to make a small hole at the extremity of the egg, in order that the air contained pours out without breaking the shell.
The spring timer can be regulated up to 60 minutes and allows to set up the minutes necessary to prepare a boiled egg or a hard-boiled egg, without cooking time error.
The timer can be used for any other type of cooking.
Stainless steel and plastic structure.

Price: € 19,90 € 16,92 GBP = 14,16  USD = 22,26  CNY = 140,72  JPY = 1.699,50

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