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Cuts+More : Not only scissors but a multiuse kitchen implement

A working instrument, a multiuse implement, a kitchen utensil absolutely necessary in everyday work.
The new multiuse scissors meet the requirements of everyone and are fit to cut different types of materials, from paper to leather, carton, hoops, from aromatic herbs to rosemary in the kitchen garden.
Very fit for garden works to cut small branches, plants and flowers.
A product studied to make cooking operations easier : for the kitchen assistant, the server, from the storeroom to the kitchen, the kitchen garden, the flowers for tables, guaranteeing quality and functionality that have always been distinct characteristics of Fiskars products.
The Finlander design is perfectly linked to practicality and easiness of use that make these scissors unique.
They are provided with comfortable and ergonomic handles for right handers, a titanium layed blade three times more resistant than steel, a sharp point to hole cartons and many other characteristics like thread-cutter, bottle-opener, cavity for ropes and cables and string cutter, all with materials and finishing of high quality
Moreover the Cuts+More scissors have a blade folder with blade-sharpener and point to open packages and cut adhesive tapes very easily.
The separable blades can be used as knives and can be washed in dishwasher safely.
Total length 23 cm.

Price: € 20,80 GBP = 17,41  USD = 27,37  CNY = 173,04  JPY = 2.089,84

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