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La Traviata Coffeepot for 4 cups of coffee

To prepare coffee at home or in a restaurant.
For an espresso coffee made with a mocha coffeepot, to try different blends of coffee or to prepare the blend preferred and make it taste.
Elegant design, perfect to serve at table, this high quality coffeepot joins functionality and refinement.
You can prepare 4 coffee cups.
Made in polished stainless steel, with handle and lid knob in rigid plastic, this coffeepot can be also used on induction stove plates, apart from glass-ceramic, electric and gas plates.
Total dimensions : Height 21 cm width 14 cm.

Price: € 52,90 € 37,03 GBP = 31,00  USD = 48,73  CNY = 308,06  JPY = 3.720,52

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