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Aladdin : Lunch box food- holder, lunch carrier

Take out your lunch or diner comfortably in a practical, hermetic and reusable receptacle with two compartments.
Lunch box capacity 0,7 l ideal to be transported easily, reusable, elegant it can be placed directly from a fridge to a microwave oven, with a jerk closure, hermetic with block stops.
Characteristics and advantages with respect to other receptacles:
Insulated with double wall.
Can maintain foodstuffs hot for a longer time.
Receptacle usable in microwave (except for lid)
Inner division for side dish and main dish.
Also perfect to keep cheese or dishes in fridge.
Dimensions : Length 20 cm x width 16 cm x height 9 cm.
Washable in dish-washing machine.

Price: € 17,00 € 13,60 GBP = 12,10  USD = 16,67  CNY = 107,32  JPY = 1.844,84

- 20%
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