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Dick RED Spirit Bread Knife

Red Spirit : love and passion for quality.
New and exclusive series of knives inspired by the Asian handicraft, manufactured with German precision according to the traditional production method and using the most modern techniques.
manufactured by Dick.
In Asia red color has a very important function, red represents progress, luck, well-being and warmth.
In Europe red color is the symbol of concepts like fire, warmth, sensuality, love and passion.
The right ingredients to cook at the highest levels.
Inspiring to this tradition Friedr. Dick created for their series of Red Spirit knives a red colored rounded handle.
The Red Spirit knives were designed to cut perfectly, without any compromise.
The blades have a slim and slender line. Moreover the edge is polished.
Red Spirit knives are easy to control and realize precise and clean cuts.
Foodstuffs are not squashed or crushed and maintain their precious original flavor.
The round and elegant handle, with a typical Asian line, is perfectly adapted to hand palm and meets the ergonomic requirements of professional chefs and the most ambitious cooks for hobby.
A particularly important advantage when used
The blade has a high contents of carbon, guaranteeing a long duration of cutting edge.
This Bread toothed-edge knife with blade 26 cm is perfect to cut all oven products, both in kitchen and in confectionery.

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Price: € 62,90 € 56,61 GBP = 47,39  USD = 74,50  CNY = 470,96  JPY = 5.687,78

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