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FLEXINOX : bodice - apron with stainless steel plates for butcher and for boning

FLEXINOX is recommended when a hand knife is used to cut meat or fish.
Protection apron with plates in stainless steel
Level of protection 2 according to EN ISO 13998 regulation.
Resistance : The perforation test gave an exceptional resistance result , 40 times the requirements indicated by EN ISO 13998.
Practicality : The size and shape of the plates provide an excellent flexibility.
Safety : Thanks to the exclusive and registered assembly system, FLEXINOX provides a perfect protection agains knife perforation.
Apron cleaning through a strong brushing with water at 50° C.
Then rincing with water at at least 82°C.
The apron must not be used for protection against possible risks caused by moving equipments.
Dimensions : 72x45 cm.
Delivery time : 3 days

Price: € 165,00 GBP = 138,14  USD = 217,14  CNY = 1.372,68  JPY = 16.578,05

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