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AntiOx : Wine antioxidant cap

AntiOx the wine antioxidant cap is provided with an inner device composed of a registered revolutionary system that avoids wine from oxidizing inside the bottle.
Once the bottle is closed with the new AntiOx cap, the wine oxidation stops : the wine is no more in contact with oxygen and acetic acid is no more produced damaging the wine.
For a perfect performance keep the bottle in a vertical position.
“Recommended by the Spanish Sommelier Association and the Spanish Academy of Sommeliers''
Silicone cap, metal ring with the days of the month, as indicator after closure.
Dimensions : Height 4,5 cm. Diameter 3,5 cm.

Price: € 18,90 GBP = 15,82  USD = 24,87  CNY = 157,23  JPY = 1.898,94

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