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Due Cigni Pasta and salted food knife 26 cm.

The Italian quality of Due Cigni cutlery is unique in our country. A tradition in knife manufacturing, having more than 100 years and the advanced knowledge of steels in the Maniago plant make it a knife having excellent performances.
Handle in POM fit for dish-washing machine.
Stainless steel rivets
Blade in satin X50CrMOV15 stainless steel
Excellent sharpening for a long duration of cutting edge
A high quality Made in Italy product
This knife is perfect to cut fresh pasta, such as Bolognese tagliatelle and is also fit to cut sausages

This item is not for sale to people under 18.
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Price: € 23,00 GBP = 20,46  USD = 28,20  CNY = 181,50  JPY = 3.119,95

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