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Complete Set ISI whipping cream Siphon with funnel, syringes, cartridges

Much more than a cream whipper, an efficient help for creative and professional cooking.
This Gourmet Whip Plus Siphon of ISI is a highly professional siphon, fit to prepare whipped cream, espumas, desserts, hot and cold sauces, creamy soups, Finger food.
Provided with a steel valve guaranteeing an excellent control of pouring, it maintains heat up to 75 degrees C.
The silicone packing, the silicone band on the head is resistant to heat and protects from heat during distribution.
Provided with 3 decoration spouts with stainless steel filleting for a long duration.
The siphon bottle is in stainless steel with outer satin finishing.
Washable in dish-washing machine.
Capacity 0,5 l
Together with the siphon you will find :
- n. 1 iSi strainer ideal to filter products like espumas or creams to eliminate clots or particles
- n. 1 Set of two iSi Fill It injection devices for filling with sweet or salted creams tortelli, cannelloni, ...meat , fish, poultry,... pastries and desserts , also perfect to decorate.
- n. 1 Box of 10 iSi spare cartridges (1 charger is sufficient to whip 0,5 l of product)
Delivery time: 3 days

Price: € 229,90 € 218,41 GBP = 182,85  USD = 287,42  CNY = 1.816,98  JPY = 21.943,81

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