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Set for pounded Mojito, Caipirissima, Virgin Mojito

The Mojito, famous cocktail of Cuban origin, is prepared with rhum, white cane sugar, lime juice, mint leaves, sparkling water, pound ice.
In its European version pieces of limes are pound together with raw cane sugar.
This set allows to have the correct instruments to prepare it quickly :
- 2 Lekue silicone moulds for ice,, comfortable and practical with dimensions cm. 23 x 11,5
- 2 silicone lemon squeezers, perfect to squeeze lime, without seeds or splashes and protecting halves up to the moment of use.
- 1 pestle in hard plastic, length cm. 22 diameter cm. 2,7
This set is also very fit to prepare Caipirissima and Virgin Mojito, a non alcoholic cocktail

Price: € 39,90 € 27,93 GBP = 23,38  USD = 36,76  CNY = 232,36  JPY = 2.806,21

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