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Classic Japan Case : knives and pliers

Traditional Japanese knives with wood handle and a very sharp blade. These Japanese knives remain sharpened for a long time.
The method of introducing a small pin in the black tang to block the blade and the handle and to obtain a better stability is an ancient times derivation.
The typical Japanese shapes allow an excellent cut of vegetables and meat.
These knives must never be washed in a dish-washing machine, since aggressive soaps and heat could damage the blade and the handle. Wash the knife in hot water and dry it up manually.
The Zwilling foldable case includes:
Multiuse knife blade cm. 12
Deba fish knife blade cm. 16,5 Japanese cut
Nakiri vegetable knife blade cm. 16,5
Sashimi knife blade cm. 21,5 Japanese cut
Toothed-edge knife for Bread blade cm. 22
Utility knife with wood sheath blade cm. 10
Stainless steel pliers for fish boning
Cook curved pliers

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The article is offered for sale for domestic use.

Price: € 178,50 € 169,58 GBP = 141,97  USD = 223,16  CNY = 1.410,75  JPY = 17.037,71

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