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ARARE : Cast iron tea-pot with under-pot dark red colored

In the art of making tea, the cast-iron tea-pot is the result of Japanese and Chinese centuries of history and of the cult of skilled handicrafters.
This Arare tea-pot has a dark red under-pot in cast iron and a filter in stainless steel.
This item must be considered as a small masterpiece, produced with a sand casting using traditional moulds.
The inner part of the tea-pot is inlayed with enamel, therefore it is not fit to boil water, since iron gets dilated with the time and the protection enamel layer could break.
With the time a deposit coming from tea will form inside to protect furtherly the tea-pot, that will give tea its real character.
The tea-pot must not be washed in dish-washing machine and is not fit to be used in microwave oven.
Also beautiful as a piece of furniture, to make your kitchen more pleasant.
Dimensions 16x16 cm and 0,60 l capacity.

Price: € 59,50 € 41,65 GBP = 34,87  USD = 54,81  CNY = 346,50  JPY = 4.184,70

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