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Global SET Slicer : the pleasure of slicing

Cooked or raw meat, carpaccio, aged sausages, roast or roastbeef.
Raw fish, swordfish or tuna, perfect and quick cuts, without waste and difficulties.
This Global Japanese couple of knives meets the requirements of the user, guaranteeing perfect and precise cuts of cooked or raw foodstuffs, without hesitations.
The Global couple of knives allows to work with the perfection of Japanese cut, without any compromise and with the pleasure of slicing.
Global G47 with blade 25 cm.
Global G67 with blade 21 cm and alveoli.

Price: € 220,00 € 209,00 GBP = 174,97  USD = 275,04  CNY = 1.738,73  JPY = 20.998,86

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