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Hybrid 220 : Diamond Hone electric sharpener

A new and efficient sharpening technology : CrissCross to obtain a very sharpened blade, without trimmings and with an excellent grip.
The two (2) stages sharpener allows to obtain a convex cutting-edge strong and long lasting.
Diamonded abrasives at 100% in stages 1 and 2.
Manual sharpening in stage 2.
Knife sharpener with even and undulated blade.
Stage 1 : electric sharpening, removal of impurities thanks to diamonded abrasives at 100%
Stage 2 : Manual micro-sharpening, the one micron diamonds allow to obtain a sharpened blade like the edge of a razor and also long lasting
Furthermore stage 2 allows also the sharpening of undulated knives. Sharpens, straightens, lines up the cutting-edge, producing micro blades, very sharpened along the toothed-edge.
Fit for kitchen knives, hunting knives and pocket knives.
Easy and quick to use.

Price: € 84,00 GBP = 74,73  USD = 102,99  CNY = 662,88  JPY = 11.394,60

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