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Nomad Collection : Orange food-holder receptable 0,4 litre

100% airtight receptacle, very resistant for transport, without risks of outporing, of your lunch or diner away from home.
These receptacles allow an easy transport of all dishes prepared at home, first course, main dish, side dish or dessert.
Your passion for cooking and your healthy and well cooked dishes can be taken away easily and safely at the office, in working place, after sport.
The receptacle once placed in a thermic bag preserves heat or cool for some hours.
Dimensions 9x7x7 cm.
They can be used in freezer, dish-washer and micro-wave.
Colour orange

Price: € 6,00 GBP = 5,02  USD = 7,90  CNY = 49,92  JPY = 602,84

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