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Silicone moulds for 36 stars + 1 spatula

Cinnamon Stars ? with icing, with chocolate?
This silicone mould in 2 pieces for oven or freezing allows to prepare 36 stars.
To prepare easily and quickly 36 stars with cinnamon or other flavours as you prefer.
Shapes to apply quickly an icing and meringues.
In food-approved silicone with spatula without handle to spread the paste.
Flexible nonstick material to remove the product from the mould easily.
Resistant to temperatures from 240 degrees C to – 60 degrees C.
Washable in dish-washer.
2 easy to prepare recipes are included
Mould diameter 38x25 cm.
Star diameter 4,5 cm.

Price: € 29,90 € 20,93 GBP = 18,62  USD = 25,66  CNY = 165,17  JPY = 2.839,15

- 30%
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