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Rice cube : to prepare cubes of rice, potatoes, polenta

Born from the creative mind of Australian Ross Patten to impress everyone at the Masterchef TV show, Rice Cube is an original and quality kitchen accessory, that allows fantasy and to prepare quick and unusual dishes.
Rice Cube was designed to model sushi rice, but it can be used easily also for potatoes, smashed meat, polenta, vegetables, fruit, almond paste and all soft foodstuffs imagined.
Also excellent to realize quick desserts or appetizing hors-d'oeuvre.
Rice Cube is internationally registered, safe for foodstuffs, washable in dish-washer and 100% recyclable.

Price: € 16,00 GBP = 13,40  USD = 21,06  CNY = 133,11  JPY = 1.607,57

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