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Steba electric stainless steel citrus fruit squeezer with 2 cones

This electric citrus fruit squeezer of Steba German company has two different cones, a smaller one for mandarin oranges, limes, lemons, small fruits and a larger one for oranges, grapefruits and larger fruits.
The motor power is of 85 watts.
The structure, the exit spout of juice and the filter are in stainless steel.
The exit spout can pour the juice directly in the glass and can be inclined in two positions : closed, juice does not outpour and open, the juice can be poured in the glass.
An anti-droop system interrupts the juice flowing to avoid dropping.
The rotation of juice is in clockwise direction.
Provided with anti-slip feet and a space to store the cable
Start and Stop are automatic
The motor is silent
Power supply : 230V, 50 hz, 85W

Price: € 62,00 € 43,40 GBP = 36,33  USD = 57,11  CNY = 361,06  JPY = 4.360,53

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