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Crystal Cube : Barometric radio controlled station TFA

Crystal Cube is an elegant barometric station with weather forecast through 3D meteorologic symbols with colour animation.
The base station recognizes 4 different meteorologic symbols (sunny, partially cloudy, covered, rain)
Tranfer without cables of outer temperature (433 MHz), maximum action range 50 meters with free field.
Expandable up to a maximum of 3 sensors (1 included), also for temperature control of the house, for example the children room, the wine cave, different rooms, etc..
Radio controlled clock with alarm and date
Display light.
Can be placed on a base.
Dimensions : 180x71x80 mm.
Supply 6 x 1,5V AA batteries included
Supply adaptor included

Price: € 83,00 GBP = 69,49  USD = 109,23  CNY = 690,50  JPY = 8.339,26

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