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Spanish Omelette :Lekue Mould for omelette cooking for microwave

Spanish Omelette is a mould allowing to prepare easily and in a practical manner round shaped foodstuffs requiring cooking on both sides.
It is the ideal instrument to cook delicious potato tortillas, omelettes, Okonomiyaki, trinxat and many other dishes.
Jut put the ingredients, introduce it in micro-wave and cook a few minutes according to the recipe.
Capacity 800 ml.
Diameter 18 cm.
Instruction manual and recipes included
Can be used in micro-wave oven, in traditional oven, in freezer and in dish-washer.
Range of temperatures : from -60 degrees C to +220 degrees C.

Price: € 17,90 € 12,53 GBP = 11,15  USD = 15,36  CNY = 98,88  JPY = 1.699,69

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