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Syringe graduated pump for roast in stainless steel and resin

Ideal instrument both for a long cooking of meats and for low temperature cooking, allowing to syringe spices and marinades in meat.
Also fit for barbecue cooking.
For seasoning roast, braised food, turkey, a whole chicken or oven cooked ham, this graduated syringe with stainless steel point allows an easy injection of marinade sauces or melted butter.
Filter the liquid before use to avoid syringe needle closing due to spices.
Capacity 40 ml
Needle length 8,5 cm.
Syringe length without needle 15 cm.

Price: € 19,90 GBP = 16,66  USD = 26,19  CNY = 165,55  JPY = 1.999,41

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